Suzhou Nafijie E-commerce Co.,Ltd
Suzhou Nafijie E-commerce Co.,Ltd is a high-tech e-commerce enterprise selling amx-200plc, programming cable, wireless communication, Internet of things, servo, touch screen and other automation products of "amx-200plc", "nafejie nafejie" brands.
"Xiongguan has a long way to go, and now it is stepping forward from the beginning". Facing "made in China 2025", we are confident, forge ahead, work together, continue to research and development, and strive to provide better products for China's manufacturing industry. Strive to build industrial PLC core products, let more Chinese people use made in China, fall in love with made in China....
Corporate values
Efficiency, goal and responsibility; integrity, innovation and win-win

Engineering cases

Provide one-stop integrated solutions for the automation Internet of things industry

Four service advantages

15 years of industry experience, technology precipitation, senior professional, strong strength. With modern high standard large-scale production plant